Smart City Industry Awards 2016

Smart City Industry Awards 2016

Smart City Industry Awards 2016 is an interactive event – a showcase for presenting the latest technologies and solutions for the real development of the city.

Leaders of cities and decision makers at governmental strategies will present solutions to respond to our needs to build cities more livable, viable and sustainable. We expect representatives from 20 cities in the country along with government officials, policymakers, financiers, industry IT solutions greening and waste management, NGOs with responsibility in this area – all with one goal – to work together to develop and build a better future for cities and their inhabitants.
Leaders important, prestigious institutions and renowned companies promise to generate an impressive event! On this occasion, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to Bucharest Smart City Convention and Gala 2016.


For the first time in Romania will be organized Smart City Industry GALA.
Everyone who are relevance and importance in smart city industry will gather in October 12th, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania to be recognized status and importance that they companies hold.
The awards will cover all major industry such as: Development, Mobility, Energy, Waste, IT & C, etc.
Prizes will be awarded in several categories.
The jury will be composed of professionals with relevant experience in the industry.
The jury will consist of CEOs, academics, architects, planners, persons with recognition in smart city industry.
Of the largest companies – Mastercard, BASF, BMF Grup, Siveco TeamNet, etc. they joined all events organised by Bucharest Business Breakfast.

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You’re welcome!

Eduard Dumitrascu
BBB Founder