Constantin Tomescu, the leader of the Facility Management Industry in Eastern Europe, is investing in the largest Smart City organization in the world.

With nearly 15 million square feet of BMF Group’s portfolio, the company founded by Constantine Tomescu has grasped the importance of the Smart City concept and is therefore ready to become the world leader in this segment.

Ambassador Smart City and principal investor of The World’s Smart Cities Organization, Tomescu believes in the organization’s development strategy and is willing to open offices of this organization in Dubai, New York and Shenzhen.

With over 20 years of experience in management, successful in the development of many businesses in Eastern Europe, it considers a priority to develop the organization based in London to meet the increasing needs of municipal expertise.

WSCO has proven to be extremely useful and pragmatic as an approach, helping both national authorities and international institutions as well as some of the largest companies in industries such as IT & C, Energy, Automotive, etc.

WSCO is the largest International Organization of the Smart City Industry that brings together professionals from all over the world interested in developing intelligent creative communities.

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